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Happy Release Day to Bill Lockwood!

Gare de Lyon by Bill Lockwood

Published July 19, 2021

Designed by Greeff-iti Designs for The Wild Rose Press

Mary O'Riley, native of Boston, goes to Paris to study art on the eve of WWII. Caught in the occupation, she works in a bakery but finds herself frequently carrying messages for her boss. When the SS raids the bakery and arrests the owner, Mary must flee Paris to avoid her own arrest, and the Resistance group she has helped assigns her to escort a downed RAF flyer south to Lyon.

Freddy Winston volunteered to fly secret missions to occupied France. On one of his runs, gunfire surprises him as Resistance members unload passengers and supplies. The plane catches fire, stranding him behind enemy lines. Freddy doesn't like that Mary is Irish. She insists she's just American. They may not like each other but discover quickly they must team up to reach their mutual goal of escaping the Nazis.

About the Author:

I am a retired social worker who started writing Historical Fiction. Many characters are based on my observation of people over these years. I was born in Baltimore, MD, and have lived the last 25 or so years in the southeastern Vermont area. I have been very active in community theater since high school. I have a degree in Political Science, and I like to put a little politics and history in my work. I have traveled to Europe and Asia but never to Ireland where my second book is partly set. But I love history and Irish rebel music and the Irish bars on Long Island. I have also never been to Malta nor Rome, where my fourth book is set, but I have good guide books from the era. I have been to Venice twice. I have been to Long Island (first and second books) where my wife's family lived and to Puerto Rico and Key West where my third book was set. I also freelance with articles on the arts and interesting people in the local papers. My short story "The Kids Won't Leave" appeared in the fall 2020 "Two Hawks Quarterly" literary journal.

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