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Print + Ebook Formatting            $35
Print Only (Print-Ready PDF)        $20
Ebook Only (epub)                    $20

Provide your completed/edited manuscript with any of the content listed below. Using software, I will format the book for publication and provide you with the proper version to upload to various Ebook retailers and/or for print-on-demand.

  • Front Matter

    • Title Page

    • Copyright Page

    • Table of Contents

  • Manuscript

  • Back Matter

    • Other Books by Author*

    • About the Author

    • Author on the Web

    • Acknowledgments

    • Other?

*Other Books by Author can include a custom QR code like the one below so Paperback readers can easily find your work on the web.

*Books including things like links, tables, images, or books longer than 350 pages will require a custom quote.

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