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How I Work:

When you contact me I will be looking for the following:

- A description of what you as the Author envisioned for your cover as you wrote your book.

- Two or Three key elements from your story that you would like to see represented.

What happens next?

I will then create a Mockup for you to consider. I create all of my art using photo manipulation techniques in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop from stock imagery found on Depositphotos [dot] com. If you have a Custom Photo you would like me to use, that is always welcome.

I do not yet create images from scratch but hope to one day be able to create my own art.

You send a description:

I create this:

Description: I think the slightly animated/illustrated style is really in right now. I would not like real people on the cover. Something catchy and fun that represents they are smart and nerdy and into numbers and calculating risk. Maybe like graphs or a formula or accounting sheets in the background and then cartoon people or no people? She makes bets with her friend. He's a risk taker at work, but they are both hesitant to take risks with love.


Description: 1. With his back to us, we see Ben standing at the end of an old dock looking out at a huge lake; it seems like his life is over. His shoulders slump as he tries to think; light glints off the water...


Description: I prefer symbolic images for book covers more than literal ones. However, for a more literal cover featuring the main character, I imagined a top down view of the main character floating in water, which refers back to an important moment that happened in the book where the character had to make an important decision that effected the plot. In the water there will be colors seeping out from the main character, which resemble nebula and space.

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