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Happy Release Day - Debut Novel!

Happy Release Day to Freya Wolfe on her debut novel! I downloaded this story this morning. I never read books that have no romance in them but I'm very much looking forward to giving this new crime thriller a chance and you should too!

Between the Lines by Freya Wolfe

Crime Thriller

302 Pages

Cover Designed by Greeff-iti Designs

A murder… a letter… and a killer who will stop at nothing to make sure the truth stays between the lines.

Shortlisted for the Little, Brown UEA Crime Fiction Award 2018.

Forensic Linguist, Vida Henrikson, finds her professional life on the line when she’s asked to look into the suicide of the daughter of a high-profile businessman. Delving reluctantly into the case, she uncovers a horrifying truth which leads her straight into the path of a killer.

At the same time, DI Gabriel Slater of South Yorkshire Police is investigating the most complex case he’s come across, that of an up-and-coming Sheffield musician. As the usual suspects are quickly dismissed, he’s left with very few answers and more questions than before. The only solid lead he has is a series of hate mail that was sent to the victim.

It becomes clear that the two cases are linked and Vida is drawn into the police investigation. As she gets closer to the truth, she finds her life at risk, targeted by a vicious killer who will do whatever is necessary to finish their story.

Will Vida be able to identify the killer before they strike again? Or will the next identification be her body?

About the Author:

When I interviewed for my place on the University of East Anglia’s Creative Writing (Crime) Fiction MA course, my tutor-to-be said ‘So everything you’ve done comes down to words?’ and I realized that he was absolutely right. I’d always thought of my work life and study habits as being quite disparate, but in fact, it all came down to words. Through writing stories all through school (still got the first (and only!) draft of my loving crafted romance novel Cowboy Blues in the loft!) and then a law degree, to working in marketing, technical writing, PR, Human Resources while I got my second degree in Literature, finally up to present day where I twin writing with being an English Teacher at a local secondary school, it all comes down to words.

It’s taken a while from me making the transition from someone who is just passionate about words, to someone who’s ready to share those words with the wider world, but with my debut novel, Between The Lines published in March 2021, I’m finally ready to call myself an actual writer.

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